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The Virginia National Guard Association (VNGA) was formed in 1960 under the leadership of Major General J. Walter Squire. Since its humble beginning, your association has partnered with the Virginia National Guard and Department of Military Affairs to support and defend the Commonwealth and the United States.


VNGA is governed by an Executive Council consisting of the President, President-Elect, Vice President- Air, Vice President-Army, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Director, and Council Members that represent every command in the Virginia Army and Air National Guard. All members of Council, except the Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Director, are elected at the annual State Conference held in the Spring of each year. The President and President Elect serve a one year term, while the Vice Presidents may serve up to two years.The Executive Director runs the daily business of the Association.

Unit Executive Council Representatives are selected by their command. The number of Executive Council representatives from any unit is dependent upon the number of Officers and Warrant Officers that is authorized in the command.


Accomplishments and membership benefits of the National Guard Association (NGAUS) and the Virginia National Guard Association:


National Level Accomplishments by NGAUS:

·Full parity with the Active Forces in pay and allowances.

·Full-time Servicemen's Group Life Insurance.

·Post and Base Exchange privileges.

·Initial uniform allowance and periodic maintenance allowances.

·Re-employment rights and job protection.

·Retirement benefits at age 60.

·Survivor's benefits.

·Withholding of premiums from drill pay for state Association sponsored insurance programs.

·Additional Federal monies for new equipment and armory construction.

·Civil Service status for Technicians.


State Level Accomplishments by VNGA:

·Up to two sets of vehicle license plates at half-price.

·State monies for operation and maintenance.

·State Tuition Assistance

·Insurance through Military and Police Committee.

·Scholarship awards for VNGA members and their immediate family


State Sponsored Life Insurance Program:

·Any member of the Virginia National Guard is eligible for life insurance and cancer coverage through the Association sponsored insurance program.

·The minimal premiums may be deducted from the monthly IDT paycheck.

·The coverage is continuous 24 hours-a-day and, when necessary, claims are paid within 24 hours.

·See one of the unit full-time personnel for enrollment and more details.


Join the Virginia National Guard Association

Why Your Membership is Important

There is strength in unity and numbers - it's that simple. You are but one member, however, your voice, through your Association, will be heard at the State and National levels. Your active membership will allow continuous improvement in the National Guard posture within the Commonwealth as well as nationally.

Why the Association is Important

The National Guard Association of the United States, of which this Association is a part, is one of the strongest organizations in the Country today. As a State Association, we are voting members at the National level in proposing legislation that provides benefits for the National Guard and its members.

At the State level we have the ability to solicit support for the Virginia National Guard from all levels of government - Local to State.

Support Your Association

·By payment of dues that provide funds necessary to support the many activities and programs sponsored by the Association.

·By attending State and National conferences and becoming directly involved in affairs that affect the National Guard and YOU.

·By serving on committees and actively campaigning for positions of leadership in the Association.

·By representing your Association and YOUR community by urging local support to the Virginia National Guard.

·By urging your State and National Congressional representatives to support the National Guard.